Friday, April 5, 2013

Freedom in the US? Not even close!

I keep seeing freedom posts on Facebook and Twitter and I just keep thinking why on earth do people think we are free? It's actually quite amusing. The only thing we are free of is the tax England put on us. We still pay taxes we are actually taxed more than once on most purchases, we vote but the results seem altered... at best, we have various stupid laws that take away much of our so called freedom, and I can't carry a gun in a major city (legally) exactly how is that free? We may have a few perks other countries do not have, but as far as I see it no freedom here. Freedom of speech is kind of a joke too, most people would sue you if you say the wrong thing. I still am able to blog, score one for the US, but I can still potentially get sued if I offend someone. I am not really afraid of being sued, so if that is your goal stand in line.
Proof inbreeding is real!

This guy is living the dream. Does this make you proud to be American?

No caption necessary

 The world seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. The News keeps scaring the hell out of everyone, first I see people are dying of bird flu, then I see North Korea is threatening to attack us. The news is run by the government, they have to get approval of what gets out to the public. The real news is hush hush, best thing to do is watch BBC News problem with that is I believe they are holding back information as well. When the news starts to scare you that means our government is pulling one over on everyone. I do not doubt that. The Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are mere puppets they will do anything for money and it is quite scary that the corporations are running these men and women. The problem is no one will stop them. The protests were really quite cute but did not do a damn thing. I am proud of the 99% for wasting their time, I'm just glad I did not jump on that bandwagon. Be individuals not sheep, try and thinking for yourselves for a change. The government fears this and this is what will save us. If the people do not do something and I mean pretty soon, we will all be screwed. Protesting in a line with signs is not working, I think that was proved. There are other ways, and I do not mean illegal things. The problem is we will not stand together. I will stand next to a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, whoever, we all have the same goal why don't we work together. Our lovely government can not agree, but we can be the bigger people and let them know we are unhappy. I am not saying that to be against any party, it is all of them. They act like children! At the end of the week they stomp their feet and say "I'm taking my ball and I'm going home". That stuff really needs to stop!

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