Friday, November 9, 2012

Speaker Boehner Shows Intelligent Side


  The U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner has decided to listen to the Tea Party constituents once again. In a press conference this morning he decided he wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts until next year. For anyone who does not know what I am talking about this is basically giving everyone including the wealthy tax cuts for the next fiscal year. Incredible this man did not even listen to the public. Correct me if I am wrong but there was an election just days ago and Obama won. This should be a case open and shut as far as legislation is concerned. The American people obviously want what Obama promised and part of that promise was not to extend these tax cuts.

            When President George W Bush proposed these tax cuts he was making an idiotic mistake that cost our country millions in tax revenue. Some may say that we deserve this tax break we need it in order to survive. This is pure baloney, we do not need more tax breaks we need a better economy. When our economy broke several years ago it was a domino effect all over the world. Asia is the only continent on our planet that is flourishing right now. Considering the United States is less than favorable in Asia this is not a good thing.

          John Boehner is a Tea Party puppet, the Tea Party picks and chooses what they want based on their bank accounts and Boenher complies.  If it will put more money in their already full pockets they are all for it. This is why the Tea Party makes me thoroughly sick, they can care less about the middle class like they would want you to believe. This is all based on their actions not their talk. The day following Obama's tremendous win over Mitt Romney Mr. Speaker went on live television saying he would compromise. Today he has flip flopped over to the other side. This is sounding like a Star Wars movie. He says that raising tax revenue with make job creation that much harder. This is all news to me and anyone else listening. President Obama would like tax rates as they were when President Bill Clinton was in office, at that time our country flourished as it should. So tell me Mr. Speaker why exactly will this lower job creation? Jobs were at the highest this country has seen in many years while President Clinton was in office. I would love to see their spreadsheets showing the bullshit that spews from their mouths.
                                    John Boehner Wasted Drunk         Luckily there are far less Tea Party winners during this election. It looks as though some people woke up and realized they were being had by the very party they backed. The Tea Party is full of far fetched promises and out right lies. It is as if you are believing Fox News they are pretty much one in the same. Fox News caters to the Tea Party since most of the members contribute far too much money to that ludicrous television station. The majority of people that I personally know are aware how full of crap Fox News is, but there are still a few people I know taken by the idiots they watch on there. Some of the women look a little like Stepford wives, I wouldn't be surprised if those women on their were robots after hearing some of the obscure, moronic things coming out of their mouths. It could also be that they are brainwashed by that evil station.
I'm just going to call this one Foxy Bimbos
      I am quite sure Michelle Bachmann was very perturbed by the result of the election. She is a smart one and below is a very good example of how less than intelligent this woman really is. There is obviously a problem with the state that elected her, I wont say names...This is an old video but it is off of a CNN news cast.
                            Michelle Bachmann shows her intelligent side Bottom line is the Tea Party has so many very different outlooks on life it looks like they are completely mindless. The best part of this video is that she was the response to President Obama's State of the Union Address via The Tea Party. Way to put up the smartest candidate! Someone really messed up there.

In other news....Gay Marriage and Marijuana won some states over this election period...not to the President...legalizing Marijuana would be in your best interest it would generate far more revenue than you can imagine. I am quite sure someone has showed you a graph of how much it could potentially generate.


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