Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mark Levin the Screaming Scumbag, and Unemployment.

How many unfortunate experiences can I have in one week? I was scanning through my AM stations on the way to school yesterday. I was trying and maybe hoping a little that there was better talk radio out there. Shawn Hannity is on more than one station that actually pissed me off. Not one station supported Democrats, Liberals, or The President. It really doesn’t make sense. I know there is an uneasy amount of Republican Conservatives out there. There are also numerous Democrat Liberals. I would like to start a Liberal radio program. I know there would be many listeners of all backgrounds. Anyone interested in investing in that let me know.

While scanning through the radio I stopped abruptly when I heard a lunatic screaming. This raving lunatic was Mark Levin, he screams for no apparent reason. Sorry dude, that won’t get you ratings. It got my attention for a second, but I couldn’t listen for long. Screaming doesn’t make you right, I just want to point that out. If you have a good opinion, that should get your point across. This guys an idiot, he’s just another example of the raving lunatics we call Republicans. Mark Levin, is the idiot conservative of the day!
Mark Levin, Idiot Conservative of the Day~

Limbaugh, ugh what a freaking moron, he twists words around. How can he say that Unemployed people actually save that money? That isn’t even possible, especially if they have even one bill. The unemployed spend all of their benefits almost immediately. It’s not enough to support themselves let alone a family. It goes quickly and I feel for anyone on it. Especially now when all of their benefits were just canceled because the idiot conservatives decided not taxing the wealthy is more important.

This stuff just makes me mad as hell. There is no reason behind screwing the working class. These are the people that make the economy go around. Take note of that, it’s the truth. Wealthy spend as little as possible so they will continue to be wealthy. It’s a known fact, working class most are pay check to pay check. That means: THEY SPEND ALL THE MONEY IN THEIR PAY CHECKS! So if you really think that cutting unemployment and taxes is the best thing to do, you are sadly mistaken. This country will go down quickly if that happens.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah you no longer have a check to count on! Welcome to what the Tea Party did! Screwed up the United States for the rest of us!


  1. Yes he is a Nazi can't stand him

  2. You must not understand economics and incentives very well. I love the evidence you have to support your claims...

  3. You also have thr grammar skills of a third grader. You should stop posting things on the internet because you are unintelligent and uninformed. You should also not talk because the filth coming out of your sewer is polluting my air.