Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fox News the BIG Fraud!

Watching Fox News makes my stomach churn. I watch that crap so my good readers never have to. It's an immoral network that makes way too much money on bullshit and lies. Why in the hell would you have Alert posted on the bottom of the screen for things like "An illegal immigrant just came over the border". Seriously, that's not a freaking alert! The only reason that you should put Alert on the screen is for, an attack or something that actually pertains to our daily lives. Flash flooding all over the viewing area, a fire burning down the entire country, it's laughable that whenever Sarah Palin breaks a nail Fox News has Alert on the bottom right corner of the screen. What's the deal with the crap scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Most of it isn't news at all. It's opinions of the idiots who run the station. Most importantly this is NOT news at all, it's strictly propaganda.The absolute worst people work for this network. My least favorite of course Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo, Greta, Huckabee, and Greg Gutfeld. That's just naming a few of the morons that are actually televised.

Lets start with my friend Glenn Beck, what a douche bag. This man has to me the most irritating person on the station for sure. He speaks in the third person at times. This joker thinks he's untouchable. It's hard to listen to him and not yell at the screen. I'm confused as to how this guy is even on TV? What background does this yahoo have to tell anyone what to do? I'll tell you, he didn't have a great childhood. His Dad was an alcoholic and his mother died when he was 13. She drowned when on a boat with another person, he likes to tell people she committed suicide, which is untrue. He was married and divorced (the woman had to be a saint). His only formal education was high school, he is supposedly a "recovering" addict and alcoholic. Beck, was a pot head and a drunk, that explains a lot. At one point he contemplated suicide, so he's a a confirmed lunatic! He was born and raised Roman Catholic, and switched to Mormonism after marrying his current wife. They must be swingers, who knows, doesn't sound very conservative to me. So, Beck is crazy, a drunk, and a drug addict with no real experience on anything to do with political matters. This guy also made 32 million dollars from March 09 - March 10, wonder why he loves the Right-Wing so much.  People still trust this poor excuse for a man, more power to you. While you're following Beck and his followers to hell I'll wave at you from above.

Sean Hannity, oh this bastard, you can't get rid of him. Only thing good I will admit about him is he has a nice sounding voice on the radio. Other then that, the man is an evil heretic. His education sounds like one that came from money. He went to a prep school and dropped out of college. He has one opinion, his own and he doesn't give a damn who knows it. It's a good quality to have, unless of course you have outrageous opinions like this turkey. He has this "Great American Panel" on his show. It's usually a liberal and/or democrat on one end, two far right-wing conservative normally they are Fox News contributors, and an idiot woman either normally someone who has nothing to do with politics at all. So these people are on his show contributing to the conversation. Whenever the liberal/democrat makes any sort of good point; Sean yells over them and talks over them making his point clear. Let me remind you his points are always the most immoral ones you can make. When he says things like: Unemployment is bad for the country, these people aren't even looking for jobs, and TSA is just going over board. First of all Unemployment is needed people have bills and homes and would like to keep their houses if the banks let them. Second, TSA is doing their job, they do what they are told.

I'm not going to even mention the other half-wits. I'm guessing most do not have any kind of political degree and or background. Moral of the story, Fox News employees people that have no real education, and have no idea what they are talking about. This is all to get ratings, I say boycott Fox News. I'll watch to keep you all posted. If you do watch take what you hear with a grain of salt.

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