Monday, November 8, 2010

The Media Pisses Me Off!

I'm Really getting sick of these idiots on Fox News. It really is a train wreck. I can't stop watching this one sided network. I watch MSNBC as well, the thing is they aren't going on and on about politics still. During the election both stations made it known, we are pro-republican and we are pro-democrat. Which is fine, freedom of speech and all that junk. Fox News takes it to a new level, they talk down on democrats like they are the plague. It's almost ridiculous, the ads are just as bad. If I have to see another ad for Sarah Palins show on TLC I'm going to puke. The goldline ads are laughable.
I've said it before, buy what you want don't listen to that poor excuse for a human Beck.

I watched part of his show today, it made me think he read my blog. Good, he knows that some may praise him and others might despise him. Maybe I give the guy too much credit. Honestly, I'm rethinking my blog. I would rather the man not get more attention than he is worth. Although, my blog isn't all about Glenn Beck. It's about all of the idiots in a nut shell. Including people that are Tea Party members, Palin supporters, Bush supporters (you people are not just idiots you may be mentally challenged), and Republicans. Although, if you are very wealthy I can't say I blame you. Beck is  a monkey, I don't think evolution quite hit his family. Since he doesn't believe in that I guess that's fitting. In a way he's sort of like Bush, roll a penny down the street and he'll chase it. Anything for a buck. For the record, I am not getting paid for doing this blog, nor am I extremely religious. I guess with the title you would think I would be. So far off from the truth. I'm actually Catholic, so that means I have too many kids and go to church when it fits in to my life. I try to go every Sunday it just doesn't happen like that. Also, I don't support every single belief of my religion. I think abortion should be a choice and I take birth control. Those are just a couple of issues I don't agree with.

Since I am currently watching Fox News it is making me ill that Bush was just on. It sickens me that they are taking that boob up. It is partly his fault where our economy is currently. He spend 21 trillion dollars during his two terms. The man made up words, he should have never been elected for a second term. He also should have been impeached for several reasons. Hannity is on currently, for a moment I was impressed to see a Democratic supporter on the show. Unfortunately, he didn't let the man speak for very long. When you talk over someone it's usually because the other person is right.

Taxes, oh here we go taxes always should be higher on anyone who makes over 250k a year. It's not like it will put a dent in their lifestyle. The economy is literally screwed, taxes raise revenue. I would even be happy to pay higher taxes to help the economy grow. How do they expect to make any money without raising something. It is absolutely ridiculous! Republicans have always raised taxes on the middle class. The only reason all these Republicans won anything was because most people didn't even go out and vote. The other reason is that people are blind to the real issues. I heard no one speaking of what changes they are actually going to make.

Michele Bachmann is someone that should not be in the government. The Tea Party is bringing our country down. Why is it that nobody knows this. People might be frustrated about how things are going. All they are going to do is stop any progress moving our country forward. They will not create jobs, they are out for them self. Standing against these Tea Baggers is the first thing Americans should be doing. They are more concerned about Health care and Immigration. While I agree they are two problems in this country, it has been an on going issue. Getting people jobs and back in their homes should be top priority. It sickens me, Sarah Palin is a Republican call girl and Cheney and Bush had that broad bent over a desk in the White House. That is the only answer I can come up with for her being a part of Government at all. Running for President is a good idea. That way we know Obama will stay in office. So run for President Palin that gives us a 100% chance of keeping Obama in office.

Back to Becks show today, he asked that you and everyone you know to watch this whole week. It will tell you all the truth and let your friends know. The puppet master will be exposed. We already knew about Goldman sachs. Please don't give this asshole anymore ratings then he currently has. Some of what he's saying is very real I must agree. Inflation is happening, precious metals are going up, but the world isn't ending tomorrow, even if it was what the hell is gold and a food bag going to do for you? I figured out half of what he does. He listens to economists radio shows and just states what he hears. Anyone can do that. He really needs to come up with some new fresh information. His cult bullshit is starting to just piss me off. You are following a cult leader people. It's going to turn into Jones Town, drink the purple kool-aide and do all of us a favor! The chalk board, really college professors don't even use those anymore. It's all about power-point, get with the times man. Stop living in the dark ages. It is what it is, he's a psycho that is trying to get everyone to get freaked out and buy the crap he sells.

Oh my god! I finally saw real news on Fox News, it's amazing! It only took 2 hours of watching to get a 2 minute news brief. So, like I keep saying believe in yourself. If you want to watch a good movie watch Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore. The man is a genius and if you have yet to see that film, I highly recommend it! His films are the truth and that is what people need to see, truth. Unfortunately, the new Call of Duty is out and you just can't put down your Iphone. Wake up, please I really want my children to have something when I die.

I've got a better joke than the first:

One day Dick Cheney, George Bush and Laura Bush were in a private jet going to France.
Then, George Bush said, " If i throw this hundred dollar bill off this jet I'll make one person happy!"
Then Dick Cheney said, " Man if i throw ten, ten dollar bills down, I'll make ten people happy!"
Then Laura Bush said, " If I throw one hundred one dollar bills off this jet I'll make a hundred people happy."
Then the pilot said, " Man, if I throw these 3 losers outta this jet, I'll make six billion people happy."

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