Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FEAR is everywhere! Where do you turn?

It's sad to say that there is really no where to go. They spoon feed the fear to you. You all eat it up.

Today I received a comment on my blog via facebook. It's only fair to answer, I welcome all comments the good the bad the ugly!

Maybe I do sound like a raving lunatic, I can't help myself. When I have an opinion it usually gets heard in one way or another. I am going over the top with the whole Antichrist thing, yes I know. It's a way to get heard. Palin, Beck, Fox News, MSNBC, even CNN are all evil and corporations own them. These supposive "News Teams" are paid by the Democrats and Republicans. If you want to be even more technical they are paid by corporations who endorse candidates of their liking. I do want to clarify that, it's only fair. I've said it before I don't trust any of them.  They are definitely trying to use "spooky language" keep Americans scared. The media tries to panic the Americans, but not too much they don't really want to cause a riot. Although, the Tea Party was close. As for the Antichrist it's a warning is all it is. They are trying to sway people in a direction, listen to yourself. If you are choosing a candidate on what you believe, that is good it's what you should be doing. If you are just doing it because you really don't know much about politics and are basing this on what people say, here in lies the problems our Country is facing. For one reason or another the Government is trying to keep us stupid, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. They'd like to steal from you when your back is turned and you're watching crap like Nancy Grace. She's telling you about all the poor children that have been killed or abducted. It's a problem I really do agree, but for 40 days we don't need to see that bitch judge people. She is the most ignorant woman on TV today. I know this is getting off the subject, back to my point. The media hypes us up on things that don't really take precedence in our lives.

Yes, it's bad when people die, it's also bad when you are being lied to. I think everyone agrees on those two statements.
So, lets take dying, people die, it happens. We're still in war so people we know we'll be dying, and people are old so they'll die. Assholes drink and drive so some of them or some people that are innocent of that will die. It's a part of life unfortunately.
On the other hand, lying can be helped if you are not an asshole or for a better term not a politician. They all lie it's something that has been happening forever. So, what do we do about this? Not a damn thing unless you want to up rise. If that happens they will take our Military against us, that bill passed when Bush was in office. OK we all want a change, nobody wants to work together. You are either way for this Tea Party, neutral, against, or don't care. The people that don't care are even farther behind than the Tea Party. Since we all live in this Country we should care. In some way, shape, or form it will affect your life. 

So there some skeptics out there, we'll get past this, you're one of those people spreading fear. I would have agreed with you a few years ago. Not so much anymore, it's happening all around us.  The little person is getting screwed. I know too many people that don't have a job, are supporting a family. Unemployment can only go so far. You can not live on it, you lose it at a certain point too. Now what? So you own a house, have a couple kids, and no job. What exactly are you supposed to do? I guess you can suck up your pride and go work at a really low paying job like fast food, still doesn't cut it. There goes your house. Now, you live in an apartment. You have the same kids, and dammit you have to apply for welfare. Fun, fun, maybe you can go to a food bank or even a shelter. Are there even any open in the Country that aren't full? I've heard if you don't get to those shelters in time and are in a good position in line, you may be sleeping out in the streets. I'm sure that would never break up a family. So now you're homeless lets face it, working at a fast food restaurant isn't going to pay the rent. Now you're in a bad situation and what does the government do? Not a damn thing, what can they do? There are so many people in these predicaments it's astounding!

I don't give a damn what anyone says the United States hasn't been this bad since the great depression. Our economy is falling to pieces, if we keep printing money that we don't have, our dollar will be worthless. When this happens we are at the mercy of the world. That's a horrific thought, do you think we will still have the support of our allies? I doubt it, I heard on a radio news station the other day that our Nuclear missiles we're out of our control for at least 30 minutes late last month. What exactly does that say to us? If they can't control our missiles what are we supposed to do. I don't have an M16 on hand, not that that will help a nuclear attack. I'm not a crazy with a bomb shelter, I would be thinking the same thing. Nuclear weapons just scares me always have, always will. It should one button and BOOM everyone dies!

Really I'm not trying to get everyone all rilled up over all of this. It would just be nice for people to acknowledge the fact that this is a real thing. We are in trouble, China and India are now the 2 number one nations in the world. This shouldn't be, we come up with ideas and they are shipped elsewhere. People wonder why there are no jobs. These politicians are looking in the wrong directions. We need jobs, to make money, to pay taxes, to support our government. If we have no jobs, we can't pay into Social Security, which would make the seniors suffer. No jobs, make for angry Americans, which is why a lot of people out of frustration jumped to the Tea Party. Unfortunately, the Tea Party had their own agenda. I have yet to hear what their plan is, I just heard what Obama and his administration is doing wrong. It will be interesting to find out what these politicians are going to do. The problem is if everyone in politics are fighting NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will get done. So sit back and watch the fireworks that some of you people caused.

I've decided to take back that all Republicans in southern states are inbred hicks, they are not. All I was pointing out was the brainwashing going on. My own brother is a Republican, for the life of me I'll never understand it. The only reasoning I can think of is to have conflict and a reason to argue. If you firmly believe that the Republicans are doing a good job and they are your first choice. So be it, I really don't care one way or another. It's unfortunate that people that aren't wealthy are actually voting for the people that will increase your taxes. Sure, they say they wont, you'll see it in other ways. Medicine, Gasoline, Technology. See most of the Government be it republican or democrat are share holders in some major corporations. The problem with that is it's in their best interest to keep themselves rich. I just know that the Democrats will look out mainly for middle class over the wealthy. The main reason is because most of their political backbone is working class. Keep the working class happy and they keep the votes. It usually supersedes the Republicans, if the Democrats go out and vote! PLEASE VOTE NEXT ELECTION!

Hey, all political parties are dirty. I'm not supporting anyone except the President. I really feel for the poor guy. He's getting royally screwed because he took over after a main criminal in American history. President George W Bush, the man is a complete and utter fool. I've never seen a president look as bad or as uneducated as that man. It was detestable to watch him speak. I wanted to break my TV how he was our president for two terms is questionable. Anyone that voted for that idiot (especially the second time)I would love to punch you in the face for being that stupid. Technically he was a puppet on a string pull him and he'll act like a dolt.

Oh, for anyone who wanted to claim refugee status. I looked into it, it's almost impossible, but it's doable. So for now I'll stay here, probably only temporary, problem is there is nowhere I can even think of that would be much better. Well, there could be better placed. I'm just not sure I could stomach it.

This is one of the worst financial crisis in American history. Yes, we will get out of this, hopefully before we get bombed by some angry country. The things is, it will get worse before it gets better. We will be paid less if we can even find a job, inflation is jumping I see it everywhere, longer hours, cause more stress, we may lose our house, but it's OK we might get out of this. Even if we do at what cost?

I may exaggerate a little, but shockingly I'm really not far off. I really want to believe that I live in the best country in the world. I wish I could feel less strongly on the subject frankly. These assholes pushed me too far. It's unfortunate, I never really gave a shit about politics, it's directly affecting me, family, friends, the majority of people I know.

I was in the Army National Guard, while in training I met a wide variety of people. You'd be surprised at some of the people the Army lets through. That's a whole different issue. However, my friends are fighting for what I don't know. I don't think they truly know. All I know is that some of them have died, will die, and for what? For a bunch of jerk offs in Washington? I really hope not, the US sticks it's fat nose in everything. If we focused on our own country the world would be less willing to blow the shit out of us.

Do you realize that other countries laugh at us. Sure, we're not the only economy suffering right now. Most if not all of our allies are hurting. On the contrary our enemies are thriving. Maybe if these politicians that spent and obscene amount of money on  their candidacy would have put the money into the economy we could be at less of a deficit.

Look, please take my blog with a grain assault, if you want to believe the bull shit you hear go for it. I'm just trying to get the point across, a little harsher than most, but it's the point I'm trying to make.
No matter who is in charge of our government, we will suffer in one way or another. There is nothing short of handing us money that they can do to make it better for the working Americans. I am just a firm believer that the Republicans are the evil force behind screwing everyone to get what they want. My case and point, the ads, everyone was tired of seeing them. Why wouldn't you just tell the people what your policies are on subjects we care about. Most normal people would have voted on that basis. With the ads as obscene as they were it made your average American say forget it. I'm not going to bother to vote. Well there ya have it. If you can dig through the garbage you hear, read, and see it will be helpful. It's hard to know whats real and whats just utter bullshit. I really want to get across that just ignoring the situation is worse than joining a crazy cause. At least they are trying to change something. Even if it's small in numbers most of the time like with the Tea Party you will get heard!


  1. This is a fantastic article. You are an excellent writer. Thank you for all that you do! Keep on the fight. Maybe you should run for politics? You will have my vote!

  2. This is the shit. Thanks for what you do! Keep up the good fight!

  3. Well, I appreciate it. I'm not a crook so I can't be a politician. Thanks for the comments. Follow me on twitter if you're not already. @NoTeaParty1