Thursday, October 25, 2012

8 Reasons Romney/Ryan Scare Me

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to run for President. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan running together in the Presidential election is a deranged idea. Since it is close to Halloween, I will call it one of the most bloodcurdling practical jokes ever! Let us just say for an instance those horrifying characters actually become the most powerful men on the free earth. Those turn of events will most definitely be the expiration of the world, as we know it. Everything will change, it will be like Russia during the cold war, we will be begging for a piece of bread. Sure, a conservative may think that my statements are ridiculous, but this is what this country is heading for under Republican rule.

Here are some examples of what the Romney/Ryan campaigns preach:

  1. Change the laws to make abortions illegal (no matter what the circumstance) Yet, previously Mitt Romney supported abortion rights, yet will end federal aid to Planned Parenthood *includes birth control*
  2. Energy, supports deep water drilling again wants nuclear plants, coal plants, and natural gas. Does not thing green is something that is needed it has yet to be viable and causes of climate change are unknown. Apparently, he does not believe Science.
  3. Raise taxes for no one, in fact cut taxes, more trade with foreign countries. Repeal the laws for the corporations to make it easier for the top dogs to steal. (Where will we generate revenue? Surely not the middle class). It is unclear his real tax plan it is avoided and nothing has been set in stone discusses dropping taxes across the board.
  4. Foreign policy changes on a daily basis. However, we know he wants to spend more on the military $100 billion more to the budget. (Seeing as how we have so much money from the tax cuts he will be making).
  5. Gun Control, Mitt would not like stricter gun laws, yet signed a ban in 2004 as governor of Massachusetts to ban assault weapons. President Obama has actually made it so you are able to carry and conceal in forest preserves.
  6. Education, basically what Obama did is acceptable except for the fact that the federal government should have less control of it.
  7. Gay Rights, Mitt and Ryan oppose gay marriage, which is funny because Mitt’s wife looks like a horse. I wonder how they feel regarding bestiality. This could be breaking news someday, but who knows.
  8. Healthcare is confusing since Governor Romney previously had an almost identical healthcare plan as the infamous Obama Plan. Suspiciously enough Romney would not like to partake in this plan and wants to repeal the whole thing.

I for one will not vote for him. Paul Ryan alone made my choice a clincher, that man is an evil gnome. I found a video that sums it up in less than two minutes…

There is also another video that helps sum up the lies that Mitt Romney tell in even less time than Pauly boy.

 In other news my buddy Sarah Palin continues to embarrass herself. The idiot woman is at it again, she really needs to keep her comments to herself. I’ve heard some whoppers in my day, but for Sarah Palin to accuse President Obama of anything is appalling. “Shuck and Jive” for real? That has to me one of the most racist statements I have heard in many years. That scandalous woman has more skeletons in her closet than John Travolta. The only problem in dealing with Ms. Palin now is that she is a Fox News contributor so unfortunately she pays for her own air time. The woman has no real power anymore other than money which rest assure has been put in to Romney’s campaign as well. A leash needs to be put on that daughter of hers. Republican hillbillies should not be on reality TV it will bring down IQ’s which are at a low in the United States in any case. 

When you step up to that voting booth please for the love of God do not vote for Mitt Romney!!! How could anyone want to get rid of Abby CaDabby? One man! The Republican Mitt Romney would like to kill Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, and the rest of the EDUCATIONAL programing. There are so many reasons NOT to vote for Mitt Romney it would literally take me days and nights. It would be like building an arc. So whenever you plan on voting (for me it will be tomorrow morning) do it right and vote Democrat or Independent if you must waste your vote.

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